Transcript of 'Second Life: Stepping into Virtual Librarianship'

Transcript of 'Second Life: Stepping into Virtual Librarianship'

Transcript of 'Second Life: Stepping into Virtual Librarianship'

*Please note that this transcript was edited for continuity and to remove personal information.

[07:55] Plautia Corvale: Hello!
[07:56] Plautia Corvale: Hi Elle!
[07:56] Ariell Enoch: Mary are you from Denver?
[07:56] Mary Wumpole: Yes, I am.
[07:57] Ariell Enoch: great : )
[07:57] Plautia Corvale: Mary, it is nice to meet you
[07:57] Plautia Corvale: I'm glad that you were able to make it today :)
[07:57] Elle Bromide: Good morning!
[07:57] Mary Wumpole: Likewise, I'm sure.
[07:58] Ariell Enoch: is this your first experience with Second Life?
[07:58] Mary Wumpole: It is for me.--Mary W.
[07:59] Ariell Enoch: ok it will be a lot of fun
[07:59] Ariell Enoch: I'm going to ask you to be my friend
[07:59] Plautia Corvale: Mary, great :)
[07:59] Plautia Corvale: Yes, that will make things easier if we are friends -
[08:00] Ariell Enoch: did a message pop up?
[08:00] Mary Wumpole: I would like to be friends also. I did not see a popup.
[08:01] Plautia Corvale: I just sent another one - looks like you got that pop up
[08:01] Plautia Corvale: Hello Sydney!
[08:01] Sydney Delphin: Hello
[08:02] Plautia Corvale: How are you doing today?
[08:02] Sydney Delphin: doing well in Northern California (Bay Area)
[08:02] Mary Wumpole: I'm doing well, thank you.
[08:02] Plautia Corvale: Oh, it must be lovely out there in CA :)
[08:03] Plautia Corvale: I used to live in Sunnyvale :)
[08:03] Sydney Delphin: We're having our usual summer - high overcast fog which turns into a lovely, warm afternoon
[08:03] Plautia Corvale: Nice :)
[08:03] Ariell Enoch: nice I'm in NYC and it is hot and muggy
[08:04] Sydney Delphin: Plautia, I'm in ________ - we were neighbors ;)
[08:04] Plautia Corvale: lol, it's nice and sunny here in CO this morning - supposed to rain this afternoon - we're in the Monsoon season here :)
[08:04] Ariell Enoch: Hi Porphyria
[08:04] Plautia Corvale: I LOVE __________!!
[08:04] Plautia Corvale: Everyone, we're supposed to have about 10-12 people here today, so we're going to wait a bit to start the workshop ;)
[08:05] Porphyria Franizzi: Hi Everyone. I'm ________ from _______, Colorado. Nice to meet you all.
[08:05] Mary Wumpole: Of course, "monsoon" is a question of relativity. I doubt that folks from India would call this a monsoon.
[08:05] Ariell Enoch: nice to meet you
[08:05] Sydney Delphin: Will the session be all text?
[08:05] Plautia Corvale: Hello Porphyria!
[08:05] Plautia Corvale: Yes, it will be
[08:05] Plautia Corvale: my Mic crashed on my computer
[08:05] Sydney Delphin: great. Thanks
[08:05] Ariell Enoch: I'm from ______
[08:05] Plautia Corvale: I have another one here that I can use for voice if we need that!
[08:05] Ariell Enoch: Hi Blood
[08:06] Plautia Corvale: Hello BloodCry!
[08:06] Plautia Corvale: How are you today?
[08:06] BloodCry Shelter: hello
[08:06] Ariell Enoch: while we are waiting we can friend each other
[08:06] Plautia Corvale: Yes, wonderful, Ariell
[08:07] Plautia Corvale: If we miss someone, please 'friend' us!
[08:07] Plautia Corvale: To do that, you need to right-click on a person's avatar, and choose 'Add Friend'.
[08:08] Ariell Enoch: Also, we would like you all to joing the Sustainable Living Library group for future programs and events
[08:08] Plautia Corvale: There is a lot of power in the right-click in SL :)
[08:08] BloodCry Shelter: cool now that I have more friends and make good friends
[08:08] Ariell Enoch: it is one way we can all stay in touch
[08:08] Plautia Corvale: When we begin the workshop, we will start with a short tour of the library
[08:08] Plautia Corvale: we have a group joiner inside :)
[08:09] Sydney Delphin: Ariell, please remind me how to join a group. Thanks
[08:09] Ariell Enoch: We can do that when we tour the building it will be easier at that point
[08:09] Plautia Corvale: Hello Anika!
[08:09] Sydney Delphin: ok - thanks ;)
[08:10] Ariell Enoch: Hi Anika
[08:10] BloodCry Shelter: thank you so much more I'm going back a far ok
[08:10] Plautia Corvale: Elle has just let me know that some people are not able to attend this morning because of technical difficulties :(
[08:11] Plautia Corvale: So I think we can start the workshop now :)
[08:11] Plautia Corvale: I have a notecard I'd like to give everyone
[08:11] Ariell Enoch: ok
[08:11] Plautia Corvale: You will se a pop-up, just accept the notecard into your inventory
[08:12] Plautia Corvale: Did everyone get a notecard from me?
[08:12] Elle Bromide: Yes
[08:12] Mary Wumpole: Yes, but it disappeared before I had a chance to respond.
[08:12] Sydney Delphin: yes
[08:12] Anika Ahren: no, don't know what you mean by notecard.
[08:13] Plautia Corvale: It is basically a note -
[08:13] Porphyria Franizzi: I don't see anything either.
[08:13] Plautia Corvale: a pop up should appear, and you should click, accept :)
[08:13] Plautia Corvale: I'll resend
[08:13] Ariell Enoch: it will appear in the bottom right corner
[08:13] Porphyria Franizzi: Got it.
[08:13] Plautia Corvale: Great!
[08:14] Anika Ahren: sorry, still don't see any note.
[08:14] Ariell Enoch: there is an envelope
[08:14] Ariell Enoch: click on that
[08:14] Anika Ahren: okay, got it.
[08:14] Plautia Corvale: :)
[08:14] Plautia Corvale: We'll begin by telling everyone a little bit of our history here at the Sustainable Liviung Library and CAL
[08:14] Plautia Corvale: Ariell and I presented at the annual CAL conference in 2008
[08:15] Plautia Corvale: At that time, we also created a CAL Interest Group
[08:15] Plautia Corvale: (At the end of the workshop, let us know if you are interested in joining the interest group)
[08:15] Plautia Corvale: CAL gave us a *small* budget with which we started this library
[08:16] Plautia Corvale: You can see our mission statement on the notecard I sent out
[08:16] Plautia Corvale: Hello, Wheeler!
[08:16] Plautia Corvale: The Sustainable Living Library of Second Life is committed to creating better and healthier lives for ourselves and our children

through sustainable living practices. By developing workshops, exhibits and other resources, we strive to educate our visitors about green practices and

other ways to sustain healthy lives and a healthy planet.
[08:16] Plautia Corvale: We are a special library!
[08:16] Plautia Corvale: We focus on all things 'green'
[08:17] Plautia Corvale: And this island is also a 'green' focused island
[08:17] Wheeler Klaar: I forgot to RSVP, is it ok if I hangout? Unfortunately, I am not a member of CAL, go ahead and kick me out if you need to.
[08:17] Plautia Corvale: Ariell did a lot of research to find a place that was active and coincided with our mission
[08:17] Plautia Corvale: Wheeler, no problem
[08:17] Ariell Enoch: No problem : )
[08:17] Plautia Corvale: Everyone is welcome :)
[08:18] Wheeler Klaar: Cool.
[08:18] Plautia Corvale: We have a blog and a Facebook page, if you would like to join - we regularly post updates and events on those sites
[08:18] Wheeler Klaar: Is anyone using microphones, or is it chat only...
[08:18] Plautia Corvale: Just chat for now
[08:18] Plautia Corvale: We thought that would be easier for all
[08:18] Plautia Corvale: (and my mic crashed, lol ;-)
[08:19] Plautia Corvale: Now, I'd like to ask if you could all post a bit about yourselves?
[08:19] Plautia Corvale: You don't have to list your real name, if you don't want to
[08:19] Wheeler Klaar: _____ at __.
[08:19] Plautia Corvale: But just tell a little about your Real Life (RL) job and what brought you here
[08:20] Wheeler Klaar: Hi. I haven't used SL since they changed the interface a little, so I thought this would be a good refresher.
[08:20] Plautia Corvale: My RL name is Victoria Petersen, I am the Tech Manager at the Mancos Public Library.
[08:20] Mary Wumpole: I'm a reader advisor at the Colorado Talking Book Library. I signed up for this out of curiosity; I had never heard of Second Life

[08:20] Anika Ahren: I'm _____ - a lib student at __. I'm really interested in technology and communications.
[08:20] Plautia Corvale: We are still learning the new interface, too, lol :)
[08:21] Sydney Delphin: _____ in California; library consultant and chair of SLA's Virtual Worlds Council. We are the co-hosts for the SL Library Buzz

[08:21] Ariell Enoch: My RL name is Eileen Dumas formerly from Aurora Public Library.
[08:21] Ariell Enoch: : )
[08:21] Plautia Corvale: Sydney, the Buzz sessions are great! I'm also looking forward to Pat Wagner's presentation in a couple weeks!
[08:21] Sydney Delphin: Thanks! I'll let her know as we're having a practice session at 11am sl today ;)
[08:22] Plautia Corvale: Excellent!
[08:22] Elle Bromide: I'm _____, and I'm an MLS student at ___.
[08:22] Porphyria Franizzi: _______ from ______. I'm currently managing our Teen Services Department. I haven't done much with Second Life, but got a brief overview last Midwinter from a helpful YALSA librarian. Looking forward to learning more about both SL and the teen counterpart.
[08:23] Plautia Corvale: Porph, there is a great 'teen grid' contingent of librarians
[08:23] Plautia Corvale: Have you met Blue Wings Hayek (sp?) yet?
[08:24] Porphyria Franizzi: No...this is my first real foray (in which I am not wandering around aimlessly and flying for the fun of it:)
[08:24] Plautia Corvale: Flying is a big benefit to being an avatar, lol
[08:24] Wheeler Klaar: How much does the train cost?
[08:24] Plautia Corvale: The train is free :)
[08:24] Wheeler Klaar: Yea.
[08:25] Plautia Corvale: If we have time, we can go on a short tour of Etopia.
[08:25] Anika Ahren: oh wow, I would like a tour
[08:25] Plautia Corvale: Now, I see from most of your profiles that many of you are new :)
[08:25] Plautia Corvale: How familiar are you with the Second Life browser interface?
[08:26] Mary Wumpole: I know very little about it. I'm trying to learn.
[08:26] Plautia Corvale: Okay :)
[08:26] Plautia Corvale: The best thing to do to begin is to click on things in the browser
[08:26] Sydney Delphin: I continually need refreshers ;)
[08:26] Anika Ahren: I also know very litle.
[08:26] Wheeler Klaar: Took me a little while to find the map.
[08:27] Wheeler Klaar: Otherwise, it is similar to the old interface.
[08:27] Ariell Enoch: yes but I think much better
[08:27] Ariell Enoch: easier to use
[08:27] Plautia Corvale: Yes, Wheeler, this most recent upgrade has left a lot of us feeling a little unbalanced -
[08:27] Wheeler Klaar: Agree.
[08:27] Anika Ahren: i have not used this new interface before today.
[08:27] Ariell Enoch: : )
[08:27] Plautia Corvale: we're used to doing things a certain way, and many of those things have changed in Viewer 2
[08:28] Plautia Corvale: If you look along the top of the viewer, you will see a toolbar
[08:28] Plautia Corvale: These are all of your basic commands
[08:28] Wheeler Klaar: Who is taking pictures?
[08:29] Plautia Corvale: If in doubt, look here for your answer on how to do basic commands
[08:29] Plautia Corvale: I'll be taking some pictures today :)
[08:29] Plautia Corvale: I'm a picture nut :)
[08:30] Plautia Corvale: We will not be doing any building today
[08:30] Plautia Corvale: But we will be taking a look at the other toolbar options
[08:30] Anika Ahren: When you say your basic commands, do you mean Communicate, World, Build, and Help?
[08:30] Plautia Corvale: Yes, Anika :)
[08:30] Plautia Corvale: Using these commands will help you get around, communicate with others, and look at your own profile, for example
[08:31] Plautia Corvale: As with most software, there are multiple ways to do the same thing :)
[08:31] Plautia Corvale: As you may have heard, there is a real economy in Second Life
[08:32] Plautia Corvale: You can still have a wonderful experience without spending any money here
[08:32] Plautia Corvale: But, as in RL, money is nice and makes some things better! lol
[08:32] Plautia Corvale: If you can all click on 'Me', and choose 'Preferences'
[08:32] Plautia Corvale: that would be great
[08:33] Anika Ahren: ok
[08:33] Plautia Corvale: Let us know if you have problems
[08:33] Sydney Delphin: ok - and done
[08:33] Plautia Corvale: Here are all your main controls
[08:33] Mary Wumpole: I don't see Preferences--right- or left-click?
[08:33] Plautia Corvale: The 'General' tab manipulates where your avatar will appear when you login
[08:34] Plautia Corvale: Left click on 'Me' up at the top of your screen, and then left click on 'Preferences'
[08:34] Wheeler Klaar: "Me" is at the top left of the screen where "File" usually is.
[08:35] Plautia Corvale: Thank you, Wheeler :)
[08:35] Wheeler Klaar: And preferences is the first option under me.
[08:35] Wheeler Klaar: No prob.
[08:35] Plautia Corvale: You can also hit Ctrl + P on your keyboard
[08:36] Plautia Corvale: !! :)
[08:36] Ariell Enoch: I have an Apple if anyone else is working on one
[08:36] Ariell Enoch: a few things are different
[08:36] Anika Ahren: ooh, I'm on a mac, too, so I would appreciate directions for macs.
[08:36] Ariell Enoch: np - I will let you know : )
[08:37] Plautia Corvale: The most important preferences to know about are the General tabs and the Sound & Media tabs; in the General tab, you can choose where your avatars are located when you log in. You can also choose what words appear over your avatar's head here, too - Name, group titles, etc. You can also set a time limit for your avatar to display 'away' over your head - kind of like an inactivity mode.
[08:38] Anika Ahren: My only choice under"Start Location" is "my Last location." How do you choose other locations?
[08:38] Plautia Corvale: You can set a certain location to be your home, this is another option. It probably isn't showing up if you haven't set a home location yet!
[08:39] Anika Ahren: What are "groups" in Second Life?
[08:39] Plautia Corvale: Groups are like anyother kind of RL group. If you join, you will receive notifications from groups you belong to - Notifications of events, etc. You will receive these notices when you log into second life. You can also have notiications go to your email, too
[08:40] Ariell Enoch: There are groups for almost every interest. It is a way to meet and connect with others.
[08:41] Plautia Corvale: Yes, we have a group for this library - there are MANY MANY different groups. At this time, Second Life lets you join a maximunm of 25 groups. These groups show up in your profile, so people can see what you are interested in :)
[08:41] Ariell Enoch: there are several library groups.
[08:41] Ariell Enoch: Librarians of Second Life is one of the largest.
[08:41] Anika Ahren: How do you find the library groups? Are groups generally open to anyone or can they also be closed?
[08:42] Plautia Corvale: Groups are generally open; you can request to join a closed group. Some groups can also cost money to join - these are more rare. You can find library groups by using the search bar in the upper right of your screen.
[08:43] Plautia Corvale: We will compile a list of the library groups and send that out after the workshop
[08:43] Ariell Enoch: yes
[08:43] Plautia Corvale: Most builidngs, islands, etc... have groups. Like Ariell said, this is a great way to communicate with people and let folks know what is going on in your group, library, etc.
[08:44] Plautia Corvale: Back to Preferences - The Sound and Media tab in preferences lets you control any sound in SL. There are many neat sound effects in SL, and you can turn this up or down, according to your preference. Several locations in SL have streaming music that plays when you enter that location - if you don't like the music, you can turn it down here, or even disable it. Media can be things like streaming videos, etc. Some of these things take up bandwitdh, so disabling them can make your avatar respond faster if you are not using them.
[08:46] Plautia Corvale: Voice Chat - we have the abiity to talk here in Second LIfe. Your voice can be heard by anyone that is in your immediate range, if you use this.
[08:47] Ariell Enoch: when talk is enabled there is a light above your head
[08:47] Plautia Corvale: Yes, a white dot appears; when you actually talk, there are little 'sound curves' that appear during your talking
[08:48] Anika Ahren: how do you enable talk?
[08:48] Plautia Corvale: Are you on the Sound & Media tab in Preferences?
[08:48] Anika Ahren: oh, i see it is enabled already on Preferences. But I don't see a white dot above my head.
[08:48] Plautia Corvale: Hmmm
[08:49] Ariell Enoch: there is one above my head
[08:49] Anika Ahren: okay, i see them now..
[08:49] Plautia Corvale: Anika, I can see one over your head
[08:49] Plautia Corvale: :)_
[08:49] Plautia Corvale: Good :)
[08:49] Plautia Corvale: Ariell, can you speak into your mic for a quick example?
[08:50] Plautia Corvale: (My computer mic has crashed, so I have no speaking abilities today :()
[08:50] Plautia Corvale: Yes! I can hear you!
[08:50] Wheeler Klaar: Yes.
[08:50] Elle Bromide: Yes
[08:50] Ariell Enoch: : )
[08:50] Ariell Enoch: all the way from New York City
[08:50] Plautia Corvale: When your mic is enabled, you click on the Speak button, located at the bottom toolbar, next to the chat bar
[08:51] Ariell Enoch: the speak button turns green
[08:51] Plautia Corvale: Hello!
[08:51] Wheeler Klaar: Hi.
[08:51] Plautia Corvale: I just tried to talk, but I still don't think my mic is working :( Yes, Anika.
[08:52] Ariell Enoch: to totally turn it off you have to go to Preferences - so be careful, because it picks up a lot if you don't
[08:52] Ariell Enoch: : )
[08:52] Plautia Corvale: Yes, the feed back can be awful if you leave the speak button turned on
[08:52] Plautia Corvale: If you use the little 'up arrow' located next to the speak button, it will pull up who is in the immdiate area, and list if they are

[08:52] Anika Ahren: then do you click "Speak" again to turn the mic off?
[08:52] Anika Ahren: i mean, is it like a walkie talkie where press first time to be heard, then second time to turn it off?
[08:52] Plautia Corvale: Yes, Anika
[08:53] Anika Ahren: what does "Voice morphing off" mean?
[08:53] Ariell Enoch: you can purchase didn't voices to change your own - it's not free
[08:54] Plautia Corvale: Voice Morphing uses your natural voice and morphs it into something bigger, smaller, bolder, or completely different. As you speak,

the technology seamlessly modifies the pitch, speed, tone, and other key attributes of your voice. Depending upon which morph you choose, the effect can be

subtle or quite dramatic. Since the system isn't a stiff speech synthesizer but builds upon your own voice, you can continue to speak naturally into your

microphone and the new, morphed voice is heard inworld. (From the Second Life wiki)
[08:54] Plautia Corvale: That is a new feature with this new viewer/browser
[08:55] Ariell Enoch: there is a location where you can test them before you buy
[08:55] Ariell Enoch: do you have any questions so far?
[08:56] Wheeler Klaar: How many patrons/SL people come here to ask library type questions?
[08:57] Plautia Corvale: We get at least one person that comes everytime we hold our 'office hours', a weekly one-hour session
[08:57] Anika Ahren: that's pretty good!
[08:57] Plautia Corvale: Other times, it is just random when we log in
[08:57] Plautia Corvale: We do have what is called a 'visitor counter' that lets us know who visits the library. It lists the date that there were here, and their avatar name. We average about 5 visitors a day
[08:58] Anika Ahren: which reminds me, I'd like to go over the "Privacy" settings at some point if there's time.
[08:58] Plautia Corvale: absolutely
[08:58] Plautia Corvale: If you all click on the Privacy tab in preferences. Here you can choose who 'sees' you when you are logged in. By default, your friends can see when you are online whether that is checked or not (Only friends and groups know I'm online). People can search for your avatar name and view your profile (even if they are not friends with you). You can choose to remain totally anonymous, by not putting any personal info in your profile, so it's okay if people can see whether or not you're online. You also have the ability to be kind of invisible
[09:02] Anika Ahren: do you control your profile in your Dashboard?
[09:03] Plautia Corvale: Your dashboard is your 'online' account, so this will pull up your account info on the second life website
[09:03] Anika Ahren: not sure what you mean
[09:03] Plautia Corvale: it will open your account in your regular internet browser
[09:04] Anika Ahren: Can you please explain the difference between accounts in the regular internet browser, and what we're viewing right now?
[09:04] Plautia Corvale: We are in the Second Life 'Viewer' right now - it is the special download you had to make to 'enter' second life. Your online account comes up in your regular internet browser, and is a regular web page. You can do some things there so you don't have to log in to Second Life. For instance, you can purchase money on the SL website, without logging into Second Life.
[09:06] Plautia Corvale: Does that make sense?
[09:07] Anika Ahren: It sounds like in order to visit worlds, islands, buildings - you have to use the Second Life Viewer.
[09:07] Plautia Corvale: Yes! Exactly, Anika -
[09:08] Plautia Corvale: The website account is all the background 'business stuff'. Personally, I don't really log into my 'account' on the SL website as much as I login here to Second LIfe
[09:08] Anika Ahren: How do you bypass the SL website and go straight to the SL Viewer?
[09:08] Plautia Corvale: You never have to visit the website if you don't want to - you can always just use the 'Viewer' to come here or visit other places
[09:09] Wheeler Klaar: Sorry if I run int peopl, my mvement here re realy realy chopy.
[09:09] Plautia Corvale: np, Wheeler
[09:09] Plautia Corvale: That is called 'lag', everyone
[09:09] Anika Ahren: how do you get straight to the Viewer?
[09:10] Ariell Enoch: I put the app on my bar - I move it from applications, I dock it. Then whenever I go into Second Life I click on the icon in my dock
[09:10] Plautia Corvale: Yes - this is the 'application' - the world of Second LIfe. The website is just a website. If you open your 'viewer', you are here in Second Life!
[09:11] Ariell Enoch: right
[09:12] Anika Ahren: the SL application automatically puts you onto the internet?
[09:12] Ariell Enoch: no it puts you into Second Life
[09:13] Plautia Corvale: The Sl application (viewer) automatically brings you here to the Second LIfe world. The website will just bring up your textural account info, and is not neccessary to log into
[09:13] Ariell Enoch: right
[09:13] Anika Ahren: okay
[09:14] Plautia Corvale: I'd like us to do a quick review of the other toolbar options -
[09:14] Plautia Corvale: Communicate is how you can 'chat' with your friends or nearby people
[09:15] Plautia Corvale: If you click Communicate and Nearby Chat, you will see a list to the right of your screen of all the people in the immediate area. This is handy :) You can use this list to pull up people's profiles and send them instant messages
[09:16] Ariell Enoch: I notice that time is getting close to the end of the workshop
[09:16] Plautia Corvale: WOW! It is! Time flies!
[09:17] Ariell Enoch: Plautia and I would like to set up individual meetings with each of you to explore Second Life in more detail
[09:17] Anika Ahren: wow, what a great offer!
[09:17] Ariell Enoch: we can take more to time to practice skillsn and visit islands, go shopping : )
[09:17] Ariell Enoch: Shopping is my favorite activity
[09:18] Ariell Enoch: we can mentor each of you
[09:18] Wheeler Klaar: Okey Dokey.
[09:18] Ariell Enoch: do you have our email?
[09:19] Ariell Enoch: I'm visiting family this week but I'm free until I find another job : )
[09:19] Plautia Corvale: brb - phone
[09:19] Sydney Delphin: Ariell, I have a RL friend who is writing a column about "green" libs and green resources. I think that it would be great if she

interviewed you two. Would you be willing to talk with her about the Sustainable Living Library?
[09:19] Ariell Enoch: I have the most flexibility
[09:19] Ariell Enoch: yes I would love it. I'm sure Plautia would too
[09:20] Elle Bromide: Could everyone please IM me their email address so that I can have CAL CE send you a survey? Thank you!
[09:21] Anika Ahren: are you going to use our emails to set up mentor sessions?
[09:21] Ariell Enoch: yes
[09:21] Anika Ahren: how do we see records of this chat?
[09:22] Mary Wumpole: /stretch
[09:22] Ariell Enoch: click on the arrow by the chat bar
[09:23] Plautia Corvale: I will post this text chat to our blog - I will take out our personal info before doing that. (so no names or emails will be posted:)
[09:23] Anika Ahren: where's my chat bar?
[09:24] Plautia Corvale: Your chat bar is the white bar at the bottom left of the screen, where you are typing everything
[09:24] Plautia Corvale: Before we wrap up, I want everyone to know that we will be having a Real Life meeting at the CAL Annual Conference. Our Interest Group is called SLIG (Second Life Interest Group). We bring our laptops, and login to SL while all together. That way, people not attending the conference can join in, too. :) We will post all that info on our blog and Facebook page.
[09:26] Plautia Corvale: There is so much we didn't cover in this workshop that we'd love you to know, so we will be contacting all of you via email to set up the one-on-one meetings that Ariell mentioned.
[09:26] Wheeler Klaar: SLUG for SL User Group would have bee cool, too.
[09:27] Plautia Corvale: LOL!!
[09:27] Anika Ahren: thanks - I appreciated the session.
[09:27] Wheeler Klaar: Went geat.
[09:27] Plautia Corvale: Let's wrap up the session with a quick tour of the library!
[09:28] Wheeler Klaar: great.
[09:28] Plautia Corvale: Does everyone know how to move?
[09:28] Ariell Enoch: It was very nice meeting all of you
[09:28] Elle Bromide: Sounds good!
[09:28] Anika Ahren: give us directions and we can try to follow.
[09:28] Plautia Corvale: You can walk using your arrow keys on your keyboard - begin hitting your up arrow to move forward and then the left and right arrows to direct :)
[09:30] Plautia Corvale: This is our 'lobby'. We have some informational tools here in the lobby. There are many ways to disseminate info here in SL. The main one that we use here in the Sustainable Living Library are called 'LibMon's (short for library monitors).
[09:31] Plautia Corvale: I am standing between two of them
[09:31] Plautia Corvale: They look like computer monitors. If you click on the one that says 'Library Information' you will see a pop-up that will give you different options. These different options will take you to different Internet websites. So we have our blog and facebook listed here. Also, our sponsors websites, even a link to google!
[09:33] Plautia Corvale: There are also other ways to give people info - you can have a streaming video, you can have people click an object, and they will receive a notecard - So you can write 'essays' or other textural pieces of information
[09:34] LibMon 2.1 whispers: Sustainable Living Library Facebook Fan Page =
[09:35] Plautia Corvale: I've just walked over to our Group Joiner; to join our group and get notices, you can click on the group joiner
[09:35] Ariell Enoch: I need to leave now
[09:35] Ariell Enoch: I'm visiting family
[09:35] Plautia Corvale: Ariell, thank you!
[09:35] Milux Group-Joining: CAL Sustainable Living Library
[09:35] Ariell Enoch: I will talk to Plautia and we will get back to each of you to set up a time
[09:36] Ariell Enoch: Bye everyone
[09:36] Ariell Enoch: Have a good week
[09:36] Plautia Corvale: You too, Ariell! Thank you for everything!
[09:37] Plautia Corvale: So, even though Ariell and I have been in Second Life for a few years - we are still always learning! We recently had an episode with what is known in Second Life as a 'Griefer'. We gave all group memebers the ability to practice building on our land... small items, etc. using our property as a learning 'sandbox'. Someone built a HUGE house on the property, and it forced some of our personal items back to our inventories!
[09:38] Wheeler Klaar: Thanks.
[09:38] Wheeler Klaar: Bye all.
[09:38] Plautia Corvale: Bye, Wheeler!
[09:38] Plautia Corvale: Thanks for coming!
[09:38] Elle Bromide: Bye, Wheeler!
[09:39] Wheeler Klaar: See you next time.
[09:39] Plautia Corvale: We had a great 'Water Resources' exhibit here on the first floor of the library, and the entire exhibit was returned to us! So that is why the main two rooms here are empty :( Sorry about that... We are working to get things back to the way there were just a couple of days ago!
[09:40] Plautia Corvale: Uptairs we have a small exhibit on Photovoltaics (solar panels). To walk up the steps, you just aim yourself towards the steps, or, you can double click on the banister that says Up. In this upstairs room, we have two posters, as well as a LibMon. The posters are static, and the libmon lists different websites. We researched them and made sure that the sites have valuable, reliable information, just like we would in a real life library.
[09:42] LibMon 2.1 whispers: How Does it Work? =
[09:43] Plautia Corvale: The other room on the second floor is a meeting room. We open this meeting room to different second life groups. The meeting room is very popular right now with an Aquaponics group.
[09:43] Anika Ahren: how often does this group have meetings?
[09:44] Plautia Corvale: SLIG meets at least once a quarter. Ariell and I meet every week here - I actually need to change our poster downstairs - we've recently changed our office hours to Tuesdays from 8-10 mountain time. We like people to know we will be here at certain times :)
[09:45] Plautia Corvale: Do you have any other questions?
[09:46] Anika Ahren: no, but I'm really looking forward to the mentoring sessions. I think they will be so useful!
[09:46] Plautia Corvale: Thank you, Anika!
[09:46] Plautia Corvale: This is our first time doing a library intro completely in Second Life - it's a bit different when you can talk and interact with people in real life, lol. We didn't cover nearly what we wanted to!
[09:47] Plautia Corvale: I think the one-on-one sessions will be really helpful :)
[09:48] Elle Bromide: Thank you for doing that, Plautia!
[09:48] Anika Ahren: I am the chair of the student ASIST group at DU MLIS program. Maybe I'll try to get everyone to meet on Second Life...
[09:48] Plautia Corvale: We love to help folks out! :-)
[09:48] Plautia Corvale: Anika, that would be great. Let me know if we can help out with that!
[09:48] Anika Ahren: Yes, perhaps we can do a similar thing as we did today with the student group.
[09:49] Plautia Corvale: Absolutley
[09:49] Plautia Corvale: In August, we are also going to have a Beach Party. Parties are an important part of Second LIfe, we've found
[09:49] Anika Ahren: well! that sounds interesting!
[09:49] Plautia Corvale: People are so tired of 'meetings', that we get better attendance at 'parties' :)
[09:49] Anika Ahren: i can't wait to experience my first SL party.
[09:50] Plautia Corvale: Let's go out back, and I'll show you what we'll do! We can just go out this balcony door. To open a door, just double click on it
[09:50] Plautia Corvale: The island of etopia doesn't allow flyng, but we've set our land to enable flying. You can hit your Page up button to begin flying. Once you are in the air, you can use your arrow keys to move in any direction. Use your page down button to land!
[09:52] Anika Ahren: is Etopia the Sustainable Librarian group's private island, or do you share it wth other groups?
[09:52] Plautia Corvale: Etopia is an island owned and operated by non-librarians. They are all interested in Sustainability and green living. We bought land from them to start the library. We interact with a lot of the Etopia residents, through parties and dances. When we have events, usually Etopia people also come :) We choose this place to set up the library, so that we could be close to people that are interested in the theme of our 'special library'
[09:56] Porphyria Franizzi: Thanks for the tour! Looking forward to getting more involved... Bye!
[09:56] Plautia Corvale: Bye, Porphyria! Thank you for coming :) We will contact you to set up a one on one session, if you are interested!
[09:59] Plautia Corvale: Elle, thank you for orgainizing this great event :)

Library Exhibits and Events for June

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is holding their annual conference in Denver June 27-30. An ongoing exhibit will be a Second Life representation of Denver and the conference center for participants to explore and also learn the potential of Second Life as a learning tool. As part of this SL experience, the Sustainable Living Library will be hosting a group on Sunday June 27 from 1 to 2 pm MTN time or 12 noon to 1 pm SL time. The library staff will give a brief introduction of library services and a bicycle tour of Etopia.

The library has a new exhibit to raise awareness about the signs and symptoms of heart attacks, strokes and common medical terminology. There are three interactive quizes designed by a medical librarian and clinical advisory team. This is part of a real life research project to determine the effectiveness of gaming on consumer health, health care behavior, and decisions. The exhibit is located on the library's front deck.

In addition, there is a two room exhibit on Water Resources researched and designed by Alliejnv library graduate student from Long Island University's Palmer School of Library and Information Science.

Earth Day April 22, 2010

Earth Day is this Thursday April 22. Etopia and the Sustainable Living Library will be celebrating with activities throughout the day. Below is a schedule of events:

  • Greeters will be at the main landing point on Etopia Island to welcome you to the sim.
  • Gondola and Shuttle rides - all day
  • Poetry readings at the Poetry corner by the main landing point from 8:00 am-9 SLT/
  • 9-10 Mountain Time. Read your own poetry or those of others. Event will be in voice.
  • Bicycle tour of Etopia from 12 noon-1pm SLT/ 1-2 pm Mountain Time with Ariell Enoch
  • Open House at The Sustainable Living Library from 4:00-6:00 pm SLT/ 5-7pm MountainTime. There will be a special exhibit on water conservation and resources.The exhibit, done by graduate library student Allie Listern, will be on loan for the next few months so be sure and stop by to see it if you can’t make thisThursday's event.
  • Dance from 6:00-8:00pm SLT/ 7-9pm Mountain Time at the Pavilion. DJ Aquiel Aero will take you requests. Come dressed as an endangered species.

Earth Day April 22, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day on Etopia at the Sustainable Living Library. More information to follow.

A Green Tour of Second Life

Albaycin Nature Preserve

I have decided to add a new feature to our blog, a look at Second Life communities and or groups that emphasize an ecological concern for the environment. My first community is the Albaycin Nature Preserve, which is a part of the Al-Andalus Sim. ( The Al-Andalus Caliphate Project, planned by Rose Springvale and Michel Manin, is a recreation of 14th century Moor Alhambra. “The plan is to create a system of political and legal governance, based on notions of community self-governance, active citizen participation, equality, dignity, social justice and democracy, and human rights.” ( )

Albaycin Nature Preserve is a territory within this sim and is designed to “be a simulated demonstration of ways that people can live in harmony with their natural environment.” (From Introductory Notecard to Albaycin Nature Preserve). Animals (terrestrial and marine), plants, geology, and temperature (wet and moderate) closely replicate the Bay of Biscay on the northern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. This is a beautiful territory, with friendly people, and a lot to do and see. Activities include canoeing, windsurfing, swimming, and hiking. (See attached pictures).

Manager and creator Delia Lake ask that you respect the territory. As in real life, she requests that you leave only “soft footprints.”

Fascinating Reading about the Bottled Water Industry

The Huffington Post has released a story that contains a video put out by the Bottled Water industry. In this video, the BW industry proclaims how 'green' they are - and this video has been linked to 'fake reporting'. There are also several great links to other stories about this industry, and some facts about the true nature of bottled water production.

Read more and watch the video here.

10 Date and Gift Ideas for a Green Valentine's Day

From Natural Home Magazine:

Celebrate the holiday of love by showing some love for the earth. From organic flowers and chocolates to romantic evenings at home, here’s how you can have a green Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. This year, why not show some love to the earth as well as your sweetheart? You can have a romantic Valentine’s Day without putting any extra strain on the earth.

Natural Home Magazine's 10 Ideas for Valentine's Day