Green Tip December 2008

"Sprig Serious About Play"

A Ft. Collins, Colorado toy company debuted its first line of eco-friendly toys this fall. Sprig Toys ( ) has been in business for only 18 months but is already attracting national attention with its innovative line of battery free toy trucks. These trucks are made of child-safe composite recycled wood and reclaimed plastic called "sprig wood". The company uses minimal packaging. The toys are made in Canada rather than shipped a long distance from China. Sprig is in the process of making distribution deals with Toys R Us, Whole Foods, and independent toy dealers across the country.

Rocky Mountain News
Friday December 12, 2008
Business section, page 3

Green Links:

ImagiPlay--toys with integrity
MiYim--organic cotton toys
North Star Toys--wooden toys since 1979

Meeting Photos - First CAL SLIG Meeting

The Sustainable Living Library

Getting Ready for the Meeting

Foreground, Bottom Right: Krull Aeon, Builder

On the Emerald City Tour

Sample 'Green Holidays" Program, with Power Point Presentation

CAL SLIG, 1st Meeting Transcript

Chat Transcripts are a wonderful bonus of meeting in Second Life. All typed text can be copied, which results in 100% accuracy.

Sometimes reading a transcript can be a bit confusing, though. When several avatars are typing at once, the conversation can seem somewhat disjointed.

Around 15 avatars logged in, and engaged in the following lively conversations that you will read below. The meeting, tour, and sample program went very well, with a minimal amount of technical difficulties.

All in all, a very successful first meeting for SLIG!

CAL SLIG Meeting Transcript
Location: Second Life @ the Sustainable Living Library
6 December 2008

[9:30] Plautia Corvale: Well, I think we'll get started :)
[9:30] Ariell Enoch: lets get started
[9:32] Plautia Corvale: Hi Max!!
[9:32] Maxito Ricardo: hi
[9:32] Krull Aeon: Hi Max :)
[9:32] Plautia Corvale: Take a seat!
[9:32] Ariell Enoch: Hi everyone. I'd like to start off by welcoming you to the first meeting of the CAL Second Life Interest Group. Meeting on Second Life is great - we don't need name tags!!! I would like us to introduce ourselves, though. :) I'm Ariell Enoch, and I work at the Aurora Public Library.........
[9:32] Plautia Corvale: I'm Plautia Corvale, and I am the Technology Manager at the Mancos Public Library. I kept reading about Second Life and what Libraries where doing here, so I joined a little over a year ago, and have loved every moment of it!
[9:33] Midnight Mirajkar: I'm Bev Allen and I'm at the John C. Fremont library
[9:33] Ariell Enoch: Let s introduce ourselves
[9:33] Krull Aeon: Hi Daisy
[9:33] Daisyblue Hefferman: is this the open to the public part?
[9:33] Maxito Ricardo: I'm Tom Peters in real life, from TAP Information Services in western Missouri (kinda close to Colorado!)
[9:33] Plautia Corvale: Hi Bev/Midnight :)
[9:33] Daisyblue Hefferman: Hi, Kitty
[9:33] Krull Aeon: Your more than welcome to join us :)
[9:33] Daisyblue Hefferman: Hello, all
[9:33] Theophania Luminos: I am a technical librarian in large engineering firm
[9:33] Plautia Corvale: Hi Daisyblue!!
[9:33] Ariell Enoch: Hi
[9:34] Moria Sugarplum: Hi, I'm the Director of the Mancos Public Library and this is my first time in Second Life.
[9:34] Theophania Luminos accepted your inventory offer.
[9:34] Ariell Enoch: great
[9:34] Daisyblue Hefferman: Kitty, could you rez me a sit prim, please?
[9:34] Krull Aeon accepted your inventory offer.
[9:34] Moria Sugarplum accepted your inventory offer.
[9:34] Maxito Ricardo: Hi, Moria, welcome to SL
[9:34] Daisyblue Hefferman accepted your inventory offer.
[9:34] Krull Aeon: ok
[9:34] Maxito Ricardo accepted your inventory offer.
[9:34] Ariell Enoch accepted your inventory offer.
[9:35] Moria Sugarplum: Thanks!
[9:35] Midnight Mirajkar accepted your inventory offer.
[9:35] Plautia Corvale: I've just handed out an agenda
[9:35] Plautia Corvale: You will find it in your recent items in your inventory
[9:35] Plautia Corvale: In case you cannot find it, here it is:
[9:35] Plautia Corvale: Agenda
[9:35] Plautia Corvale: 1. Informational Meeting
2. Tour
3. Green Holiday Program
4. Conclusion and next meeting

Thanks for coming! We're looking forward to working with you to make the Sustainable Living Library the best Library in Second Life.

Happy Holidays!
[9:36] Plautia Corvale: Today we'll start with a short informational meeting, and then take a tour of Emerald City and the Sustainable Living Library.
[9:36] Plautia Corvale: Following the tour, we'll be giving a sample program, "Green Holidays". This should give you a taste of the educational opportunities available here in Second Life.
[9:36] Plautia Corvale: We'll conclude with a Q and A session, and will also be setting a date and time for our next meeting.
[9:36] Daisyblue Hefferman: TY, Krull
[9:36] Ashland Carter accepted your inventory offer.
[9:37] Daisyblue Hefferman: I'm Daisy, a retired public library director.
[9:37] Ariell Enoch: As Plautia said in her email, we want this to be a fun experience. So we don't want anyone to stand on formalities—just jump in if you have a question or thought.
[9:37] Daisyblue Hefferman: from NY
[9:37] Plautia Corvale: Welcome, DB! :)
[9:37] Plautia Corvale: How many of you are new to Second Life?
[9:37] Ashland Carter: I am almost new to SL
[9:37] Moria Sugarplum: I am very new!
[9:37] Midnight Mirajkar: I've been here a few times before, but still anewbie
[9:38] Plautia Corvale: Great! Well, For those of you who are new, we'll be explaining things as we go.
[9:38] Theophania Luminos: fairly new, but Have done a bit of exploring
[9:38] Plautia Corvale: First, sometimes the chat can move quickly or be difficult to follow. You can open a chat window by hitting the Local Chat button in the bottom left of your screen.
[9:38] Plautia Corvale: This will keep the chat up longer.
[9:38] Ashland Carter: BTW. does Sustainable Director mean a higher level of SL?
[9:39] Plautia Corvale: Ariell and I are the Co-chairs of CAL SLIG
[9:39] Plautia Corvale: Colorado Association of Libraries
[9:39] Maxito Ricardo: Hi, Shoshana
[9:39] Ashland Carter: Oh , thanks
[9:39] Plautia Corvale: Second Life Interest Group
[9:39] Shoshana Cardalines: Hi
[9:39] Plautia Corvale: Hello Shoshana
[9:39] Ariell Enoch: Hi Shoshana
[9:39] Plautia Corvale: Take a seat!
[9:39] Shoshana Cardalines: sorry I am late
[9:39] Plautia Corvale: not a problem
[9:39] Plautia Corvale: We are just getting started
[9:40] Daisyblue Hefferman: here's a chair Shooshanna, guess I messed up the auto seats. lol
[9:40] Plautia Corvale: Sooshana, For those of you who are new, we'll be explaining things as we go.
[9:41] Plautia Corvale: Today we'll start with a short informational meeting, and then take a tour of Emerald City and the Sustainable Living Library. Following the tour, we'll be giving a sample program, "Green Holidays". This should give you a taste of the educational opportunities available here in Second Life. We'll conclude with a Q and A session, and will also be setting a date and time for our next meeting.
[9:41] Plautia Corvale: Also, when we begin the tour you can get lost from the group. Slow us down!
[9:41] Plautia Corvale: You can make use of your mini map—follow the green dots and you can always find us or IM Ariell or myself.
[9:41] Ariell Enoch: The last tour of Info Island I took, I relied totally on the mini map to keep up with the group : ) as we TPed from location to location.
[9:42] Plautia Corvale: The mini map button is in the lower right hand side of your screen
[9:42] Maxito Ricardo: the mini map is a big help when navigating to a meeting or group.
[9:42] Ariell Enoch: yes
[9:42] Plautia Corvale: The green dots are other avatars
[9:42] Ashland Carter: I have it up but still not sure how to use it
[9:42] Maxito Ricardo: When they turn into green T's, that means they are higher or lower in elevation than you are.
[9:43] Plautia Corvale: It is a map of our immediate area
[9:43] Plautia Corvale: The green dots represent other avatars
[9:43] Ashland Carter: Oh ok
[9:43] Plautia Corvale: You are a yellow dot
[9:43] Ashland Carter: Oh I see me now
[9:43] Plautia Corvale: :)
[9:43] Plautia Corvale: We'll be keeping a history of the "chats" from all our meetings.
[9:43] Theophania Luminos: you can use your mouse controls to zoom in when you are on the map
[9:43] Plautia Corvale: Chats will be posted on the Sustainable Living Library blog, ,
[9:44] Plautia Corvale: as will monthly "green tips", information relating to sustainable/green living, and upcoming programs of interest not only on Second Life, but RL as well.
[9:44] Plautia Corvale: We want the blog to be informative and useful.
[9:45] Ariell Enoch: We are also hoping that some of you will be interested in volunteering your time to work with us. An hour or two once a month would be great. As time goes on, our need for volunteers will increase as our programs, library, and outreach efforts grow. Volunteering is a good way of meeting people, learning more about Second Life, and it's a lot of fun.
[9:45] Maxito Ricardo: Hi, Mairin
[9:45] Plautia Corvale: Hello, Mairin!
[9:46] Maxito Ricardo: Daisy keeps getting bumped off her chair!
[9:46] Plautia Corvale: We just did introductions, and told a little bit about ourselves
[9:46] Theophania Luminos: I am very interested in the whole idea of sustainable living. I sail, and Islands and small towns have in common that they must be self-sufficicent so much of the time
[9:46] Daisyblue Hefferman: I moved away so as not to confuse the table lol
[9:46] Mairin Vlodovic: hello! just woke up, sorry i am late!
[9:46] Krull Aeon: Daisy has her own little chair :)
[9:47] Daisyblue Hefferman: I just hadn't a minute to change! lol
[9:47] Plautia Corvale: Mairin, I’ve sent you an agenda
[9:47] Krull Aeon: lol
[9:47] Mairin Vlodovic accepted your inventory offer.
[9:47] Maxito Ricardo: Volunteering in SL is a great way to network professionally
[9:47] Ashland Carter: I am interested in that part
[9:47] Plautia Corvale: Yes, it is great to meet all the other librarians here
[9:47] Plautia Corvale: They are a great group of people
[9:47] Ariell Enoch: yes
[9:48] Shoshana Cardalines: I would like to volunteer. This is my first time in SL and I had to get my 16 year old to even get me into some decent clothes ;0)
[9:48] Ariell Enoch: great.
[9:48] Shoshana Cardalines: It all seems quite confusing right now.
[9:48] Maxito Ricardo: Shoshana, it takes awhile to feel comfortable in SL.
[9:48] Mairin Vlodovic: yes, i am still quite spazzy
[9:48] Ariell Enoch: I can second that : )
[9:49] Ashland Carter: That is for sure, I hit alot of learning curves but it really has potential to learn
[9:49] Ariell Enoch: Me too lol
[9:49] Theophania Luminos: And where else could we all get together for a face-to-face meeting without leaving the comfort of our usual places?
[9:50] Maxito Ricardo: very true!
[9:50] Ashland Carter: For surelol
[9:50] Maxito Ricardo: At a reasonable cost, too.
[9:50] Plautia Corvale: That is the beauty of SL
[9:50] Plautia Corvale: You can meet in your pajamas, if you'd like, and no one will know!
[9:50] Plautia Corvale: lol
[9:50] Plautia Corvale: lol = laughing out loud
[9:50] Maxito Ricardo: Just so you know, voice is possible in SL
[9:50] Midnight Mirajkar: yeah, i am!
[9:51] Plautia Corvale: We included the mission statement of the library in our last email, but was wondering if anyone had any questions or comments about it?
[9:51] Maxito Ricardo: Or you can sneak out to go check on the kids, as I need to do right now (sorry)
[9:52] Plautia Corvale: The Sustainable Living Library of Second Life is committed to creating better and healthier lives for ourselves and our children through sustainable living practices. By developing workshops, exhibits and other resources, we strive to educate our visitors about green practices and other ways to sustain healthy lives and a healthy planet.
[9:52] Moria Sugarplum: I'm not sure why I am Away - now it is gone.
[9:53] Plautia Corvale: When you don't touch the keyboard for a certain time period, you go to Away mode
[9:53] Plautia Corvale: It's okay :)
[9:53] Shoshana Cardalines: In order to use our voices do you just need to have a microphone and you press the talk button?
[9:53] Plautia Corvale: Yes, you have to have the voice enabled through your preferences
[9:53] Plautia Corvale: Then, if your computer has a mic, or you use a headset, then you can press the talk button
[9:54] Plautia Corvale: So regarding the Mission Statement, We will base all our programs around this mission statement but are also planning to include mini workshops on SL skills.
[9:54] Theophania Luminos: Or if you only have headphones, you can listen. Right now I am hearing the wind and keyboards as folks type
[9:54] Plautia Corvale: Ideas for programs are always welcome. : )
[9:55] Plautia Corvale: Does anyone have any other questions?
[9:55] Theophania Luminos: Where do we send program ideas, or do we discuss them here?
[9:56] Plautia Corvale: We can discuss them here, or you can always email us in RL (real life), or send us IMs here in SL
[9:56] Plautia Corvale: Do you have any ideas?!
[9:56] Ashland Carter: Not yet, I need to get to know more about you!
[9:56] Theophania Luminos: Yes. Sustainable landscapes, xeriscape
[9:57] Plautia Corvale: That will be great. We will be putting in a xeriscape garden at some point
[9:57] Theophania Luminos: I would love to help
[9:57] Plautia Corvale: If anyone would like to lead programs, that would be wonderful!
[9:57] Plautia Corvale: Theo, that is great
[9:58] Ashland Carter: Yes, I like xeriscapes
[9:58] Theophania Luminos: I hear a camera shutter or a slide change
[9:58] Plautia Corvale: When we go on the tour, we will be talking a bit about what else will be developed on Emerald City
[9:59] Plautia Corvale: I am taking picures to record this momentous occasion!
[9:59] Plautia Corvale: :)
[9:59] Plautia Corvale: *pictures
[9:59] Moria Sugarplum: We will doing sustainable living workshops at the Mancos Library after we move in our new library, so we could incorporate them in Second Life.
[10:00] Plautia Corvale: Moria, that will be wonderful. I'm glad that we have so many interested and knowledgeable people!
[10:00] Ariell Enoch: Yes
[10:00] Ariell Enoch: and then back to the library for the program : )
[10:01] Ariell Enoch: ready? : )
[10:01] Theophania Luminos: Lead on
[10:01] Ashland Carter: Whoopes I missed something where are we going? sorry
[10:02] Plautia Corvale: Let's start the tour. We'll come back to the library for our program and conclusion.
[10:02] Plautia Corvale: Let's start the tour. We'll come back to the library for our program and conclusion.
[10:02] Theophania Luminos: Daisyblue, Your outfit is quite charming
[10:02] Daisyblue Hefferman: TY, Theo!
[10:03] Daisyblue Hefferman: 'm usually a biggie, but was too busy to change yet today.
[10:03] Theophania Luminos: I like the whole look.
[10:03] Theophania Luminos: Very seasonal
[10:04] Daisyblue Hefferman: it's fun, there's a terrific group of tinies here.
[10:04] Theophania Luminos: can I find that on a search?
[10:04] Daisyblue Hefferman: Raglan is one of their main islands
[10:04] Daisyblue Hefferman: that will get you there
[10:04] Theophania Luminos: thank you I will check it out
[10:04] Plautia Corvale: Let's head to the library
[10:05] Shoshana Cardalines: Wow - this is great!
[10:05] Mairin Vlodovic: looks good, haven't been in 4 a while
[10:05] Daisyblue Hefferman: Krull, you outdid yourself with this build!
[10:05] Plautia Corvale: This is the Sustainable Living Library
[10:05] Krull Aeon: Thanks :)
[10:05] Plautia Corvale: CAL has agreed to support and fund this library
[10:06] Midnight Mirajkar: love the xmas tree!
[10:06] Plautia Corvale: CAL members will be responsible for running the library, creating exhibits
[10:06] Plautia Corvale: hosting programs, etc.
[10:06] Moria Sugarplum: This is beautiful. It looks similar to what our new library will look like.
[10:06] Plautia Corvale: I'd like to specially introduce Krull ---
[10:06] Shoshana Cardalines: I wish we could afford this much stone!
[10:06] Plautia Corvale: He is our master builder of this library!
[10:06] Krull Aeon: ^^
[10:07] Plautia Corvale: We sent him a small photo, and he built beyond our wildest dreams!
[10:07] Daisyblue Hefferman: oooh, he's blushing. lol
[10:07] Plautia Corvale: Thank you , Krull!!
[10:07] Krull Aeon: lol
[10:07] Plautia Corvale applauds wildly
[10:07] Krull Aeon: Your welcome :)
[10:07] Ariell Enoch: great job :)
[10:07] Plautia Corvale: Right now the library is still in the planning stages
[10:07] Krull Aeon: Thank you :)
[10:07] Midnight Mirajkar: very cool!
[10:08] Plautia Corvale: We have put up a few furnishings
[10:08] Plautia Corvale: We would like to create a space for rotating exhibits
[10:08] Plautia Corvale: As well as a pictoral diagram of why this building is 'green'
[10:08] Krull Aeon: You can use the new energy center for exhibits
[10:08] Plautia Corvale: Did anyone notice the photovoltaics on the roof?
[10:09] Plautia Corvale: Yes, that is true, Krull!
[10:10] Plautia Corvale: Does anyone have any questions about the library?
[10:11] Ariell Enoch: shalll we move on?
[10:11] Plautia Corvale: Yes, pleae!
[10:11] Ashland Carter: what is the customer "test" not found?
[10:11] Plautia Corvale: lol
[10:12] Plautia Corvale: That is a counter I put into the table -
[10:12] Plautia Corvale: It didn't work, and I couldn't get the floating text to turn off
[10:12] Daisyblue Hefferman: uh, Krull has one that works. rofl.
[10:12] Krull Aeon: lol
[10:12] Plautia Corvale: The customer service ppl will be here today
[10:12] Plautia Corvale: lol
[10:12] Plautia Corvale: Krull, I'll have to get yours!
[10:12] Krull Aeon: ok
[10:13] Plautia Corvale: Krull, would you like to talk about thewse?
[10:13] Plautia Corvale: *these
[10:13] Krull Aeon: These are solar collection arrays
[10:13] Krull Aeon: Foten found in mountainous regions
[10:13] Krull Aeon: Often*
[10:14] Plautia Corvale: Oh, by the way, everything else we will be seeing now is on Emerald City proper
[10:14] Krull Aeon: The are designed to collect the suns energy and focus it on a powerful energy translation coupling
[10:14] Moria Sugarplum: Do they provide energy for everything on the island?
[10:14] Krull Aeon: They provide some of the energy
[10:14] Krull Aeon: Each unit can provide as much as 10 Kilovolts of energy
[10:15] Plautia Corvale: They are wonderful
[10:15] Plautia Corvale: We also have the wind power generators
[10:15] Moria Sugarplum: Are we planning on installing wind generators?
[10:15] Plautia Corvale: lol
[10:15] Plautia Corvale: Moria, we have a wind 'farm' over here
[10:16] Shoshana Cardalines: I can hear it!
[10:16] Plautia Corvale: These also 'power' the island
[10:16] Moria Sugarplum: These are great!
[10:16] Plautia Corvale: Everything you see on Emerald City has been designed by our wonderful Krull :)
[10:16] Krull Aeon: ^^
[10:16] Ashland Carter: Wow that is cool
[10:17] Plautia Corvale: Up here was the first build on Emerald City
[10:17] Plautia Corvale: The Emerald Sustainable Gazebo
[10:18] Plautia Corvale: We had our first meetings here
[10:18] Ashland Carter: What do the mean by sustainable gazebo? Made by "green" materials?
[10:18] Plautia Corvale: Notice the rapidly renewing bamboo plants
[10:18] Theophania Luminos: and the bonsai trees
[10:18] Plautia Corvale: Yes, we used 'local' materials to build the gazebo :)
[10:18] Krull Aeon: :)
[10:18] Theophania Luminos: which here don't die like they do in RL
[10:18] Krull Aeon: Correct :)
[10:18] Plautia Corvale: Exactly!! rofl
[10:19] Plautia Corvale: There is a great view from the gazebo
[10:19] Plautia Corvale: :)
[10:19] Plautia Corvale: Down the hill we have our water power generator
[10:20] Plautia Corvale: This also prvides power for the island
[10:20] Plautia Corvale: *provides
[10:20] Moria Sugarplum: Is this a greenhouse?
[10:20] Krull Aeon: yes
[10:21] Plautia Corvale: Yes, we will be building an organic farm, and farmers market
[10:21] Plautia Corvale: We are developing this space as an experimental farming area
[10:21] Plautia Corvale: Other Ideas for Emerald City - Currently in Development
[10:21] Plautia Corvale: An ecosystem exhibit - showing the delicate balance of the earth
[10:22] Daisyblue Hefferman: Hi, Tedi!
[10:22] Plautia Corvale: Xeriscape Garden
[10:22] Tedi Latte: Hello!
[10:22] Plautia Corvale: Hello Tedi! Glad you could make it!
[10:22] Plautia Corvale: Green Village
[10:22] Plautia Corvale: Green Technology Petting Zoo
[10:22] Krull Aeon: lol
[10:22] Plautia Corvale: and a recycling Center
[10:23] Plautia Corvale: To hopefully create some income for the island, we will be opening
[10:23] Plautia Corvale: a Sustainable Fashion Store
[10:23] Plautia Corvale: Let's take a look at that!
[10:25] Plautia Corvale: We are looking for a designer that will create a sustainable clothing line
[10:25] Plautia Corvale: Revenue will be going to support the island
[10:25] Plautia Corvale: Emerald City is sponsored by three groups
[10:25] Plautia Corvale: CAL
[10:25] Plautia Corvale: And we are partnering with TAP Information Services
[10:26] Plautia Corvale: Max was here earlier
[10:26] Plautia Corvale: He is the principal of TAP
[10:26] Plautia Corvale: They are a library consulting gourp
[10:26] Plautia Corvale: *group
[10:26] Midnight Mirajkar: sustainable Project Runway?!
[10:26] Plautia Corvale: Exactly, Midnight!
[10:26] Plautia Corvale: There are several sustainable fashion shows that are steadily increasing in popularity in Real Life
[10:27] Plautia Corvale: We hope to ride the trend to generate some income here
[10:27] Midnight Mirajkar: \Interesting - I could get into that
[10:27] Plautia Corvale: Well, fashion is a huge part of Second Life, so it is a natural fit
[10:27] Plautia Corvale: CAL and TAP are also partnering with the Alliance Library System of Illinois
[10:28] Plautia Corvale: They have a huge presence in Second Life
[10:28] Plautia Corvale: Some of you may have heard of them already
[10:28] Plautia Corvale: They will bring us a huge knowledge base
[10:28] Plautia Corvale: as well as lend credibility to the entire projects
[10:29] Plautia Corvale: CAL is very excited to partner with both TAP and Alliance
[10:29] Plautia Corvale: Let's take a look at the newest build on the island before heading back to the library
[10:30] Plautia Corvale: Krull, can you explain this, please?
[10:31] Krull Aeon: lol
[10:32] Krull Aeon: This is the energy exhibition and event center
[10:32] Plautia Corvale: Does anyone have any questions?
[10:33] Plautia Corvale: Feel free to speak up! :)
[10:33] Moria Sugarplum: The tour was fun and educational and I feel more at ease moving around.
[10:33] Midnight Mirajkar: so what kind of events?
[10:33] Shoshana Cardalines: Is there a place where I can get a list of tutorials so that I can get a better handle on how to function in SL before our next meeting.
[10:34] Daisyblue Hefferman: go to Virtual Ability sim.
[10:34] Plautia Corvale: Ariell will finish up, I will be going to get the program ready!
[10:34] Daisyblue Hefferman: they run you through wonderful ones!
[10:38] Plautia Corvale: Hello:)
[10:39] Tedi Latte: thanks :) hard to get around in busy places for me
[10:39] Krull Aeon: :)
[10:39] Plautia Corvale: Is the tour finished?
[10:39] Plautia Corvale: :)
[10:40] Daisyblue Hefferman: yes, Plautia
[10:40] Daisyblue Hefferman: ladies, right click on a pillow to 'sit'
[10:40] Plautia Corvale: Okay, so we have assembled a sample program
[10:40] Plautia Corvale: This will give you a taste of the educational possibilities available in Second Life
[10:41] Plautia Corvale: Is the snow bothering anyone?
[10:41] Plautia Corvale: I can turn it off, if so :)
[10:41] Shoshana Cardalines: I'm freezing ;0)!
[10:41] Daisyblue Hefferman: each can turn off their own
[10:41] Plautia Corvale: lol
[10:41] Daisyblue Hefferman: ctrl alt shift and +
[10:41] Bonnie Tomorrow: I am okay, I really kinda like it
[10:41] Plautia Corvale: Thank you Daisy :)
[10:41] Daisyblue Hefferman: all held down together
[10:42] Ashland Carter: I like it
[10:43] Plautia Corvale: Sorry, I am using my husband's laptop, and I'm not used to it
[10:43] Plautia Corvale: lol
[10:43] Plautia Corvale: Okay
[10:43] Plautia Corvale: Holiday time is upon us
[10:43] Ashland Carter: It puts me in the holiday mood
[10:43] Plautia Corvale: And we'd like to give you a sampling of how you can make this time a little 'greener'
[10:44] Slide Viewer with pics: "2adoption copy," slide 2 of 8
[10:44] Plautia Corvale: Gift Giving Ideas
[10:44] Plautia Corvale: Can everyone see the slide show?
[10:44] Shoshana Cardalines: Yes I can.
[10:44] Kestrel Kytori: Yes
[10:44] Bonnie Tomorrow: yup
[10:44] Theophania Luminos: yes
[10:44] Plautia Corvale: There are several ways to give 'green' gifts
[10:45] Plautia Corvale: One is to 'adopt' an endangered animal, such as this polar bear
[10:45] Plautia Corvale: People will recieve a stuffed animal and an 'adoption' certificate
[10:45] Plautia Corvale: World Wildlife Fund Adoptions:
[10:45] Daisyblue Hefferman: to zoom in closer to the slides, hold down your alt key while pressing the left mouse button and move mouse away from you
[10:46] Slide Viewer with pics: "3wraprage," slide 3 of 8
[10:46] Daisyblue Hefferman: after you point at the slides first. sorry.
[10:46] Plautia Corvale: Another possiblity for parents
[10:46] Ashland Carter: Great idea
[10:46] Plautia Corvale: Are Toys -
[10:47] Plautia Corvale: any of us with children know that toys are almost impossible to unwrap
[10:47] Plautia Corvale: The packaging is so tough - and kids are jumping up and down wanting to play with the toy!!
[10:47] Plautia Corvale: We almost pull out our hair!
[10:47] Daisyblue Hefferman: to say nothing of most all packaging today
[10:48] Plautia Corvale: Amazon has developed a 'Wrap Rage' line
[10:48] Plautia Corvale: Exactly, DB
[10:48] Plautia Corvale: There is minimal packaging, which is better for the environment
[10:48] Plautia Corvale: And this lesser packaging means that kids can enjoy almost immediately!!
[10:49] Daisyblue Hefferman: nothing like instant gratification. :)
[10:49] Krull Aeon: lol
[10:49] Plautia Corvale:
[10:49] Plautia Corvale: There is the link to the specific Wrap Rage items :)
[10:49] Slide Viewer with pics: "4experiences," slide 4 of 8
[10:49] Theophania Luminos: and less mess
[10:50] Plautia Corvale: Yes, it is nice to have less thing to throw away
[10:50] Plautia Corvale: :)
[10:50] Plautia Corvale: You can also purchase 'experiences'
[10:50] Daisyblue Hefferman: oooh, a massage! I'll go for one of those
[10:50] Ariell Enoch: me too : )
[10:50] Plautia Corvale: For example, Massages, local tourist locations, gift cards for fun places
[10:50] Kestrel Kytori: :-)
[10:50] Plautia Corvale: such as bowling, restaurants
[10:51] Ariell Enoch: movies
[10:51] Plautia Corvale: These gifts only require a piece of paper! :)
[10:51] Plautia Corvale: Very sustainable, and memorable, too!!
[10:51] Slide Viewer with pics: "5othertips," slide 5 of 8
[10:51] Daisyblue Hefferman: sigh
[10:52] Plautia Corvale: You can also purchase local gifts, such as items from a local art co-op
[10:52] Plautia Corvale: For wrapping presents, you can use paper items that you have around the house
[10:52] Ashland Carter: Is this on Amazon?
[10:52] Ariell Enoch: someone I knew used the Sunday comics
[10:52] Plautia Corvale: Sorry, is what on Amazon?
[10:53] Ashland Carter: Buying an "experience"
[10:53] Ashland Carter: Or is this an idea you just gave us? Sorry
[10:53] Plautia Corvale: Oh, Ashland, they can be anything that you want...
[10:53] Plautia Corvale: For instance, I am purchasing tickets to our local Durango Train ride for some of my relatives
[10:53] Ashland Carter: I get it now...
[10:53] Plautia Corvale: :)
[10:54] Plautia Corvale: If you are using paper to wrap, you can use old maps
[10:54] Plautia Corvale: Or, if you are using a newspaper, Make it more personal and relevant by matching the gift to the section. For example, you could wrap a cookbook with the food section or a children's game with the comics.
[10:54] Ariell Enoch: good idea
[10:54] Ariell Enoch: I like that
[10:54] Kestrel Kytori: That's a neat idea
[10:54] Bonnie Tomorrow: I love the maps idea!
[10:55] Plautia Corvale: Another thing that I do is recycle old Holiday cards from previous years,
[10:55] Theophania Luminos: save holiday shopping bags which have seaonal themes and use them as gift bags. Cover the logo
[10:55] Shoshana Cardalines: I have a credit card which gives me points. I can then use those points to purchase gift certificates at restaurants, etc. such as Starbucks - I often give these as gifts and you can't beat the price ;0)
[10:55] Plautia Corvale: I cut them up, and use the cut-outs to address presents
[10:56] Ariell Enoch: or buy 99 cent bags from the groucery and fill with local organic food items etc
[10:56] Plautia Corvale: Theo and Shoshana, those are terrific ideas!
[10:56] Ariell Enoch: grocery
[10:56] Shoshana Cardalines: I have used national geographic maps for wrapping.
[10:56] Theophania Luminos: "Wrap" gifts in unusual things - a scarf or piece of fabric, a special container
[10:56] Ashland Carter: That's a cool idea Ariell
[10:56] Plautia Corvale: Fabric is a great one - it can be used again and again.
[10:56] Theophania Luminos: "Give" a card, but hide the gift somewehre
[10:56] Plautia Corvale: Quilters would love that, too
[10:56] Ariell Enoch: the Japanese use fabric
[10:57] Theophania Luminos: Costumers love the fabric too
[10:57] Plautia Corvale: E-Cards are another way to cut down on paper use
[10:57] Ariell Enoch: Little silk bags from China
[10:57] Slide Viewer with pics: "6grocerybagwrapping," slide 6 of 8
[10:57] Bonnie Tomorrow: I got a package from India and it was wrapped in fabic and it was just really more special
[10:57] Bonnie Tomorrow: The silk was gorgeous too!
[10:57] Plautia Corvale: You can also purchase cloth 'grocery' bags and use them to wrap presents
[10:57] Ariell Enoch: yes
[10:57] Slide Viewer with pics: "7Decorating," slide 7 of 8
[10:58] Plautia Corvale: Decorating:
[10:58] Theophania Luminos: Or just collect them from your next conference
[10:58] Plautia Corvale: This picture shows a fun craft idea that I found on the internet
[10:58] Ariell Enoch: yes : )
[10:58] Plautia Corvale: The creator used a piece of cardboard cut in a circle
[10:58] Bonnie Tomorrow: yes, and we will be having the terrific grocery bags again this coming year.
[10:58] Plautia Corvale: She wrapped it in a satin ribbon, and then glued on old buttons!
[10:59] Bonnie Tomorrow: Cute
[10:59] Theophania Luminos: A use for the packaging you do get with things. . .
[10:59] Plautia Corvale: For greater energy efficiency, you can purchase LED lights, Energy Star products, solar powered lights
[10:59] Plautia Corvale: You can just do a search on Google, and many items will come up
[10:59] Daisyblue Hefferman: my cats would rather play with packaging than toys.
[11:00] Plautia Corvale: Some local electric co-operatives are also selling energy efficient lights
[11:00] Theophania Luminos: Sometimes I would rather play with the packaging than the toys
[11:00] Plautia Corvale: My boys, too, Daisy.
[11:00] Plautia Corvale: That's always the way!
[11:01] Plautia Corvale: Holdiay trees are also a killer on the environment
[11:01] Kestrel Kytori: Ugh, yes.
[11:01] Plautia Corvale: The plastic tress can be made out of toxic materials
[11:01] Plautia Corvale: And when thrown away, take years and years to decompose in a land fill
[11:02] Plautia Corvale: A live tree, of course, means cutting down a perfectly healthy tree
[11:02] Theophania Luminos: They do last a long time. Ours is going on 20 plus years
[11:02] Plautia Corvale: (unless you are Charlie Brown!)
[11:02] Plautia Corvale: A great solution is to use a potted tree
[11:02] Plautia Corvale: You have an instant stand -
[11:02] Plautia Corvale: And then when spring comes, you can plant it for future growth
[11:03] Plautia Corvale: We have an example of this in the library
[11:03] Plautia Corvale: We created a tree using potted poinsettias
[11:03] Slide Viewer with pics: "8Food," slide 8 of 8
[11:03] Shoshana Cardalines: One of my favorite gift ideas, which uses no packaging, is to give to a charity in honor of the person I want to gift. Many charities make this very easy on-line. Heifer International and Kiva are two of my favorites.
[11:03] Plautia Corvale: And what would the Holidays be without Food???!!!!
[11:03] Bonnie Tomorrow: yay Food!!!!
[11:04] Plautia Corvale: Shoshana, great... I love Kiva, which is an online micro-lending website
[11:04] Plautia Corvale: They make loans to businesses in third world countries
[11:04] Plautia Corvale: A wonderful concept
[11:04] Shoshana Cardalines: Sorry I went back to an old subject but I have to leave and I wanted to mention that. Thanks for the presentation and tour - I look forward to working on this project.
[11:05] Kestrel Kytori: Thanks for elaborating on that- I didn't know what micro-lending meant.
[11:05] Plautia Corvale: The best way to be 'green' with holiday food is to purchase organic and local food
[11:05] Daisyblue Hefferman: Kiva is in sl, too.
[11:06] Plautia Corvale: Shoshana, thank you for coming!
[11:06] Theophania Luminos: brokenly
[11:06] Ariell Enoch: Bye Shosana
[11:06] Plautia Corvale: We will let everyone know when our next meeting is
[11:06] Ariell Enoch: I would like to suggest if possible to keep the meeting the same day and time
[11:07] Plautia Corvale: Host a sustainable dinner party or healthy "pot luck" over the holidays with organic recipes and locally grown food.
[11:07] Ashland Carter: Yes, this was a good time for me too
[11:07] Plautia Corvale: There is a great listing of recipes here:
[11:07] Plautia Corvale:
[11:07] Slide Viewer with pics: "1GreenHolidaysIntro," slide 1 of 8
[11:08] Plautia Corvale: That's it! :)
[11:08] Ariell Enoch: Plautia that was great
[11:08] Theophania Luminos: thank you
[11:08] Ariell Enoch: Thank you
[11:08] Plautia Corvale: Thank you, if was fun to put together
[11:08] Daisyblue Hefferman: TY, Plautia, that was terrific!
[11:08] Bonnie Tomorrow: This was so much fun!!!
[11:08] Plautia Corvale: *it
[11:08] Ashland Carter: I enjoyed it too.
[11:08] Kestrel Kytori: Those were great suggestions
[11:08] Plautia Corvale: Thank you :)
[11:08] Ariell Enoch: yes
[11:08] Bonnie Tomorrow: Thank you so much Plautia
[11:08] Ariell Enoch: This was a great meeting
[11:08] Plautia Corvale: These are the types of things that we can do for other programs
[11:08] Bonnie Tomorrow: and Ariell
[11:09] Plautia Corvale: Slide shows, even movies
[11:09] Kestrel Kytori: Was that
[11:09] Theophania Luminos: Will you be archiving this presentation somewhere in SL so visitors can view it?
[11:09] Plautia Corvale: one moment!
[11:09] Plautia Corvale:
[11:09] Bonnie Tomorrow: so the next meeting is the first Saturday at 10?
[11:09] Kestrel Kytori: Thanks!
[11:09] Plautia Corvale: I will be putting it on our blog,
[11:09] Ariell Enoch: Would that work for everyone
[11:09] Ariell Enoch: will
[11:09] Plautia Corvale: I will also try and make the slideshow available in the library,
[11:10] Plautia Corvale: Just have to figure that part out, so everyone can move the slideshow :)
[11:10] Bonnie Tomorrow: The time works for me
[11:10] Theophania Luminos: It will have to be either a saturday, or an eveing for me. I am not allowed to access SL or any social sites at work
[11:10] Plautia Corvale: Night is good for me as long as it is after 8 pm
[11:10] Plautia Corvale: (kiddos go down for bedtime:)
[11:10] Kestrel Kytori: I can't download anything at work, so SL is not possible
[11:11] Bonnie Tomorrow: I hate it when they think that SL is just social'-)
[11:11] Theophania Luminos: too much like fun
[11:11] Kestrel Kytori: But I did tell all my coworkers about your CAL presentation, and they were interested and impressed
[11:11] Plautia Corvale: I received a lot of email response that people would like to have met today at this time, but they had previous plans
[11:11] Bonnie Tomorrow: Well I guess that is true
[11:11] Plautia Corvale: Thank you, Kestrel
[11:11] Plautia Corvale: The CAL presentation is available on
[11:11] Plautia Corvale: If anyone would like to view it
[11:12] Bonnie Tomorrow: Plautia, Ariell, are you planning on presenting again this coming year?
[11:12] Ashland Carter: Yes, I would I know you and Ariell worked on it
[11:12] Theophania Luminos: I suggest going with the first Saturday this time, then solicit opinions for future meetings.
[11:12] Kestrel Kytori: I am just sorry I was late today and missed the tour. Stupid jet lag monster caught up with me I think
[11:12] Ariell Enoch: Works for me
[11:12] Plautia Corvale: Kestrel, we can give you a tour anytime :)
[11:13] Kestrel Kytori: :-)
[11:13] Plautia Corvale: Thanks for coming, everyone!
[11:13] Ariell Enoch: Thanks, this was a great meeting!